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Persian Qashqai. A real specimen of Qashqai tribal weaving. From what I know, this one was brought back from a Tribal leader of the Qashqai and has many unique features. The symbology is deep and magickal to say the least. This old Qashqai has the soft brownish field that is achieved by the use of saffron in the dye. This rug has secondary colors of ivory, navy, dark brown, yellow, gold, blue, green, and red. The piece shows abrash as a varigated effect accomplished by the use of different colors of wool in the field. This effect is seen in most of the Gabbeh rugs. This rug shows hints of red in the brown/gold field. Triple Pole Medallion with Peacocks, Birds, and Goats displayed on the field. The rug is also very well knotted. Please see picture of the back. The fringe on this rug is black goat hair, like the tents in which these Nomads live, and no doubt the wefts are also goats hair. This is an older rug, but in excellent condition. Rugs of this caliber are very rare and possibly no longer made.
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